How Effective Are Ignition Locks

Driving Under Influence has become a serious problem with our nation.

It is a fact that – of 41,059 traffic fatalities recorded in US for 2007, around 12,998 (31%) are due to DUI.

So, what do you say? Is DUI such a bad thing? Still think it isn’t a big deal?

Experts estimate that for every forty minutes in US there is one death on an average due to a drunk driver. Unfortunately, it is not the person under the influence of alcohol, who dies, in all the cases. It can be his friend, a family person, or relative sitting beside him, or a stranger who haven’t touched alcohol even once in his life (there are chances).

Now you know how bad DUI is. It is not possible to change all the people from drink and drive thing, at one shot. People are looking into strategies to eradicate DUI cases.

Ignition locks is one of those. There was a small bit of numbers for Interlocking devices checking the DUI cases by Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in 2008. It says that Interlock devices have eradicated repeated DUI offences in New Mexico by two-thirds approximately.