Truancy of Kids Can Put Their Parents Behind Bars

They are going against truancy seriously these days. They are going to put the parent into jail if their children are absent for many days form school. When this law was passed in Georgia, I wasn’t sure that they would really dare to put some person behind the bars for just the reason that his child failed to attend school. But I was astonished when they really did it to a woman.

Truancy is some kind of absence from schools without a proper reason. I know why they are considering this so seriously. According to me, truancy can lead to a child growing without proper education, morals and that makes him a incapable citizen most of the times. Also truancy can lead to unemployment, social isolation, and worse of all are the things like Drug abuse, unwanted pregnancy, violence nature, and finally criminality.

They are following the prevention is better than cure policy so that they can help in building a safe society.

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