Reusing Your Old Tooth Brush

Tooth brushes should be replaced in every 3-4 months is recommended by American Dental Association but replacing does not mean that it should directly go into garbage bag. Tooth brushes are still used for many other purposes and this helps in saving few bucks and also helps the environment. After using the tooth brush for brushing is finished and cleans the brush with bleach solution for avoiding germs spreading and label the tooth brush with permanent marker for avoiding the re use of the tooth brush.

Tooth brushes are used to clean taps, unpleasant build-up around the taps and cleaning in between tile grouting. Helps in cleaning around the light fittings in the bathroom where steam and paint meet to form congealed, sticky growths. It also helps in cleaning the kitchen sink including the edges, taps around the sink. For cleaning tools, removing oil or grease marks on tools or benches.

Window cleaning, electronics cleaning, scrubbing brushes for the dirt on potatoes and pumpkins are done by using tooth brush.  These brushes are also used to clean the keyboard and monitor but not LCD. Sliver is cleaned excellently using tooth brush, helps in cleaning the mud at the bottom of shoes, vehicle wheels are also cleaned and jewelry is also cleaned by tooth brush and also tooth paste.

We can use old tooth brush for cleaning many things in your home.

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