American Troops’ Substance Abuse in Foreign Countries

Away from home and family, they are fighting for their nation. The environments are horrible, and more depressing. They have to deal with the enemies in front of them and the enemies inside them.

These conditions can explain why the soldiers in Iraq and Afghan are found substance abused as they reach their home country.

The US government has been looking for new strategies to deal with the substance abuse in the returning troops. In addition, the alcohol consumption and smoking is mostly seen among many soldiers of the home returning troops. It is estimated that the level of smoking among these soldiers is double compared to the levels of general population.

It is PTSD (post-traumatic sleeping disorder) or depression, which the doctors address this condition to as.

The symptoms of PTSD can be like sleeping difficulties, sudden outbursts of anger, concentration troubles, etc.

The usage of opiate painkillers was also found much among them and around 3% of them are obsessed with the habit.

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