What are the Risks of Teen Marijuana Addiction?

The use of marijuana does not lead everyone to addiction, but daily users and the users who started in their early ages may lead to addiction. It has been found that about nine percent of users become addicted to marijuana. And this number increases among those who start young. It has been found that every 1 out of 6 become addicted. And it is 25-50 percent among daily users.

The persons may start with a small dose but it will not work for some days and they want to take it more and more. Most people under the drug treatment program report that marijuana is the primary drug of abuse and they need help to quit using marijuana. Addiction is a disease which affects both brain and behavior.

The immediate effects of marijuana are increased heart rate, lowered concentration and coordination, lessened attention, dreamy state of mind. The severe effects of marijuana are lungs, heart, neck, throat related cancers. And also infections related to heart, lungs. The persons using marijuana will hold the smoke for a long time which causes respiratory infections and illness.

Use of marijuana affects the brain also causing many mental consequences, alters the mind regarding memory, learning, concentration and recalling the important events. Neural communication network which plays an important role in every normal brain will be damaged and ruins the development and functioning of the brain and causes negative impact on the structure of the brain.

Use of marijuana affects the psycho-motor skills which includes concentration, attention, hand eye coordination, quick reactions in emergencies. Use of marijuana makes the person drive slowly and react slowly which causes harm in some critical situations that leads to accidents and damage to vehicles and fatalities to the persons who are on the other side of the road.