Can Increasing Prices Discourage Britain From Alcoholism

The major place where alcohol abuse is greater than normal is UK. People here are very much addicted to alcohol (statistics say), especially Wine.

The Chief Medical Officer of Britain has recently warned over increased binge drinking in people. This could affect the health of Britain citizens as well as the violence rate in Britain.

What can be done to stop this? People are not even concerned about financial crisis or any such things. They are adopting strategies like drinking in homes rather than in pubs, buying in stocks when discounts are announced, etc. in order to deal with the crisis.

So, the government has come up with a proposal to increase the minimum prices of drinks to at least 50 percent in average. If this proposal is signed, a bottle of wine will cost at least £4.50. Similar with other beverages like 700ml bottle of whisky would cost minimum £14, etc.

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