Social Networking Ads Forecast Lowered

Social networking has become very popular these days. There are people who even spend one full day on a social networking site. That is the influence ad server pricesof social networking. Everything’s fine, but social networking didn’t seem to be an efficient advertising medium for advertisers.

This is why only 2.5 percent of all the online advertising is spent on social networking sites – though social networking reaches a whopping 65 percent of global online audience.

And with the recent economic crisis, advertisers are more concerned about their ROI on ads. Obviously, social networking ad spending will be slow than ever expected. Even eMarketer says it. It has cut its social networking ad spending estimates by around $0.5 billion for the next year.

The previous estimates of eMarketer for social network advertising for the next year were $1.8 billion. It has been lowered to $1.3 billion. Even for this year, the estimates have been lowered to $1.29 billions from $1.4 billion earlier estimates

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