Drug Testing Made Simpler By Drug Testing Kits

Drug testing has become common these days to check the increase of drug abuse and drug addiction. A drug testing kit is usually used for conducting drug testing at homes, offices or games. Using a drug testing is very easy and this makes people to be encouraged to use these drug testing kits. Drug testing kits are available in many ranges from a breathalyzer to a drug test card. Using these kits we can conduct alcohol tests, nicotine tests, adulterant tests, and even pregnancy tests.

But there has been a controversy on usage of these drug test kits for their accuracy. Comparing with GC/MS methods, the drug kits are not so accurate. Laboratories use the Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry method which gives accurate results. But these tests have an advantage – you get your results almost at once. But it is always recommended to confirm the results of a drug testing kits with a GC/MS test, if possible.

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