I Get Minimum Satisfaction By Purchasing Online

Ad serverEveryone feels online purchasing is less time consuming but my experience is entirely different from it. While purchasing we see the photograph or poster of article which is displayed in website and we make decision of purchase by looking it.

When I ordered a product from online shopping site, I was very pleased with appearance that I made the order of the product. But when I received the delivery of the ordered product was not looking as the product which I ordered for. It was not even matching with the product features. Then I went for the sites for clarification, and then they said that the product I received is the same product, which I have seen in the website. Not just one reason from my side for enjoying the online purchase.

Few shopping sites don’t exist in real but they collect orders and makes promise of delivering the actual product which is displayed in site. They say no charges extra but when they stand in front of the main door, they ask for more charges sometimes exceed then the actual cost of the product.

At that time they don’t take the product back and forces us to pay the money. Beware of such shopping sites. Next before going for any purchase from online shopping site make an enquiry regarding the site.

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