Different Trends In Jewelry In 2008 and 2009

In 2008, jewelry that was dominated is the luxurious combination of pink and gold. Pink, rose or red gold was highlighted by brown diamonds and brown gemstones of every type. As if indicating the economic indifferences ahead, designers abandoned pave piece after pave piece at all the trade shows. These pieces, which will get a big look for a lesser cost, continued their domination in 2009. Jewelry has enjoyed quite a progress on the Fashion Week catwalks for the last two occasions, but there is bit of a withdrawal for fall 2009.

Bold, statement necklaces held their own place at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, but they were much loosely enclosed and less glittery. The face-framing trend dominated in fall 2008, when drop earrings were considered hot. In spring 2009, large gold bands joined with boho-style gowns, disappeared. So, designers for the fall season mainly ignored the ears and are more in favor of adding ornament to the lower half of the body with over-the-knee boots and sparkle covered hosiery.

The fashion and jewelry alliances remained strong, with celebrities from the jewelry world, teamed up with fashion designers to accessorize models at different shows.

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