Alcohol Abuse-Major Problem in US Army

The US army is said to have been struggling with the alcohol abusers. An army official recently said that there is a need to double its staff of substance-abuse counselors to handle the soaring numbers of soldiers taking alcohol abuse treatments.

It is said that nearly 300 more counselors are needed by the US army to meet the rising demand. According to Army records, nearly 9,199 soldiers enrolled in alcohol treatment, which is almost 56 per cent increase against the year 2003. The Iraq war started in 2003. It also states that nearly 16,388 soldiers sought some type of counseling.

Compared to drug abuse, alcohol remains a major problem for US army. Almost 85% of the Army substance-abuse treatment cases were related to alcohol abuse.

As the soldiers are vigorously taking part in wars from the past few years, they are getting more addicted to alcohol. It is very important for the concerned authorities to intervene quickly and detect and provide counseling to the alcohol abusers.

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