Growth In E-Commerce In Q4 2009: Comscore

Comscore is a leader in measuring the digital world and as per its Q4 2009 U.S. retail e-commerce online retail spending report – online spending has reached to $39 billion and it is 3 percent more than last year. This report showed that e-commerce is recovering from recession loss.

According to this Q4 report, total retail e-commerce spending reached to $129.8 billion in 2009 where as in previous year it was $130.1 billion. Hence, e-commerce is recovering and we can expect it to grow in coming quarter. Apart from this the following are other highlights of Q4 e-commerce report:

  • Spending growth of online buyer has increased and average spending per buyer gets modest decline.
  • On 15 December, 2009 U.S. online shopping made heaviest spending in history at $913 million.
  • Amazon and Walmart two major online resellers gained market share of e-commerce sales versus small and medium-sized retailers.
  • During holiday season shipping factored into more than 40 percent of e-commerce transactions.

Therefore, e-commerce finds the track of success and hope it will continue to coming periods. This report highlighted the consumer sentiments regarding the economy, as well as an analysis of spending patterns across key product categories, retailer sectors and consumer demographic segments.