US Online Ads Surge in Q4 2009

AdserverOnline ad is a kind of promotion where internet and World Wide Web is used to express the purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. Contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads and rich media ads are some common example of online advertising. According to U.S. Q4, a steady hike is noticed in online ad category.

According to a report of IDC, 2009 is a year of advertisement in both formats: online and offline. Advertising spending of this year showed growth of 4.5% in Q1. Later in Q4 2009, this growth reaches to $7.4 billion. As per the report $7.4 billion spent on online ads in the fourth quarter is a new record.

This growth may indicate that ad businesses are back on track to the usual quarter over quarter gains. No one can predict it but one number which grows is the percentage of total ad dollars spent online and it could increase online ad spend growth. As per the IDC estimates, average quarterly growth of online advertising in 2010 could range between 8% and 16%.

Hence, online ad noticed some hike in the last phase of report of 2009. This growth shows a clear indication that ad business is recovering from recession impact and in coming periods it will recover totally.