Aceh Civil War Ends Amid Destruction

The northern Indonesian province of Aceh was mostly destructed by the Asian tsunami. It killed more than 130,000 people and makes millions of people homeless.

To minimize any further destruction in Aceh, relief efforts renewed negotiations to end the three-decades-long civil war. Finally on 15 August the Indonesian government signed a peace deal with the Free Aceh Movement (GAM). It was signed to end Ache’s struggle to secede from Indonesia and create an independent Islamic state.

Hence, as per of the agreement, the GAM agreed to give up its demand for independence in exchange for the right to establish political parties and 70% of the revenues from its considerable oil and gas reserves.

Two years earlier a similar peace deal was signed, but it unraveled within six months when the rebels failed to disarm. So by keeping view of both sides a peace deal was amended. Both sides agreed all terms of peace agreement. Hence in December, the last of Indonesia’s 24,000 troops withdrew from Ache.

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