2005 Baghdad Bridge Stampede

A stampede on a bridge in Baghdad killed many peoples. On 31st August 2005, a stampede took place on Al-Aaimmah bridge. The Bridge was built over the Tigris river in the Baghdad. Almost 1,000 people lost their lives and many were injured in this incident. This stampede occurred because a rumor of a suicide bomb attack broke out.

This was another major incident in which many people lost their lives in a single day. Earlier it happened in 2003 due to the US-led invasion.

On the day of incident around one million pilgrims gathered and marched towards the Al Kadhimiya Mosque. Because of a bomb blast on earlier day, tension were high within the crowd. Then suddenly some rumor of suicide bomber was spread out. All pilgrims got panicked and rushed towards the closed bridge. But some how panicked pilgrims opened bridge gate and entered on to the bridge. The other end was also closed, so there was no place to go. It was impossible to open the gate because it opens inwards. In panic, some hundred people fell from bridge and some fell on concrete bridge itself. Crushing of people and suffocation also caused many deaths. In this incident mostly physically weak like old people, women and children died.

This incident raised the threat of civil war by Shia’s community. These entire incidents clearly show the failure of security forces by the government and the concerned authorities.

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