Clinton Urges Iran To Reconsider Nuclear Policy

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recommended Iran to revise its dangerous nuclear policy, stating Tehran’s attitude allows world to have little choice but to introduce more costs. Clinton was delivering a speech in Qatari capital.

Clinton, on a visit to the Gulf, is trying to incorporate more Arab diplomatic pressure on Iran to restrict its nuclear ambitions and to win more Arab support to rejuvenate suspended Israel-Palestinian peace talks.

Clinton said, “We are now working actively with our regional and international partners, in the context of our dual track approach, to prepare and implement new measures to convince Iran to change its course,” addressing at a U.S-Islamic World Forum in Doha.

The United States is prompting a push for the U.N. Security Council to set a fourth round of sanctions on Iran, which states its nuclear program is to produce electricity so it can export more amounts of its valuable oil and gas.

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