Categories Of Best Economical Car Models

High fuel economy is always a major feature in a car. Following better fuel-efficient economy cars are available in a market are:

Volkswagen Jetta Diesel
This European sedan car model gives 33-34 mpg fuel economy. It is equipped with 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

Ford Fusion Hybrid
Ford fusion is a highly fuel-efficient vehicle. It gives 36-41 mpg fuel economy. It is neither worst to neither drive nor dull to hold while driving. It includes sync. System, driver controlled dashboard system and keyless entry.

Honda Fit
This is an affordable subcompact vehicle, which gives 29-31 mpg fuel economy. This is equipped with navigation system, magic seats and lots of cup holders.

Honda Insight
This is improved and economical hybrid car. It provides better fuel economy and auto adjustable heating system. It has 41 mpg fuel economy.

MINI Cooper
This is remarkably a stylish and easy handle vehicle. It gives 29-32 mpg fuel economy. Power handling is the major feature of this model.

Toyota Prius
Prius is a second most demanding car in hybrid car category. It is space sufficient and fuel sufficient hybrid vehicle in the market. It gives 41 mpg fuel economy. DVD Nav and Bluetooth technology is the major feature of this hybrid car.