EU To Approve Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal

Microsoft and Yahoo seem to have clarified one hurdle in making their search outsourcing deal approved, as per a report.

According to a report, The European Commission proposes to accept the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo to install Microsoft as the complete provider of search technology on Yahoo’s network of sites. It may not be that amazing, as Microsoft and Yahoo’s combined share on a universal basis is very small. But is still an essential procedure for the deal. Microsoft denied to comment on the report. A delegate from Yahoo did not immediately answer to a request for comment.

Regulatory approval is still required for the deal in the United States, where the united share of Yahoo and Microsoft would be nearly 28 percent as per ComScore. This share is quiet small than Google, but survey of such deals is practically automatic when it includes two of the larger companies in a market linking forces.Microsoft and Yahoo have said they expect to receive final approval for the deal by early 2010.

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