Withdrawal Of Israeli Settlers From Gaza

In mid-August, around 8,000 Israeli settlers were evacuated from the Gaza Strip. It had been occupied by Israel from last 38 years. This withdrawal involved 21 Gaza settlements as well as four more isolated settlements on the West Bank.

Earlier on 2004, majority of Israelis viewing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan as a humane response toward the Palestinians as well as a significant step toward real security for Israelis. But after the right protested by tens of thousands Gaza’s evacuation occurred.

The Palestinians who are living in Gaza, the withdrawal means a significant improvement step in their quality of life. Gaza with the world’s highest population density has gained 25 percent more land and plans to replace the settlers’ single-family houses with apartment buildings to lessen the severe shortage of housing.

Finally, withdrawal of Israeli troops and settlements from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank caused a split in Israeli society and made Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who once initiated the creation of these settlements, to quit the ruling party.

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