Intensive Drug Addiction By School Students

Drug abuse by the school students has become one of the major health problems for the teens in the recent times. According to national survey of 2005, drug addiction raised from 41 percent to 47 percent. This 10th annual back-to-school survey was done by Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) of Columbia University. They found that in the year 2005, nearly 62 percent of high school and 28 percent of middle school students attended drug-infested schools. Where as in 2002, only 44 percent of high school and 19 percent of middle school students attended the drug-infested schools.

This means that 10.6 million high school students and 2.4 million middle school students were returned to those schools where drugs are commonly abused, kept and sold. Most of the teens approximately 58 percent say that legal restrictions have no effect on their decision towards drug addiction particularly to abuse cocaine and heroin.

All the above-mentioned statistics reveal the hard believed facts that the students are getting exposed to drugs at school.

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