Peer-to-peer Substance Abuse Program Eyed

Pennsbury School District is analyzing to implement a new program which would attempt to prevent substance abuse in teens by using the personal stories of earlier drug abusers.

Speakers who are in between the ages of 18 to 25 have accustomed substance abuse and have quit taking drugs for about two years will forward the message that taking drugs damages  lives, and also that there will be help available quickly today and every day, as per the proposal.

The philosophy of the program is dependent on the fact that teenagers recognize and connect with other teens more fastly compared with other age groups.

Peer-to-peer is distinct from the present high school Student Assistant Program, which encloses a wide range of behavior interests, policy negligence and attendance issues. It is distinct because it discusses substance abuse particularly, and because it makes use of facts of young people who have experienced personally. But this program is not intended to replace the Student Assistant Program.

The program would be offered on completely voluntary principle, at no expense to the school district or taxpayer. Speakers would provide their own transportation and also would not receive any compensation for their time and work.

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