Rinspeed UC An Electric City Car

Rinspeed UC is a new two-seater electric-drive green machine. This new smart car is set to launch in coming 2010 Geneva car show.

This car is equipped with array of various technical highlights. With these technical features it provides a comfortable steering wheel and forced-feed back joystick. Rinspeed UC is 2.60 meter long and primarily designed to avoid from traffic problems. Even if designed for smaller end, Rinspeed gives pretty conventional comfort on highways.

This super combat car introduces a new mobility concept. With this new concept individual car ownership will integrate with public transportation. Integration of individual car ownership with public transportation means transportation of private vehicle on special rail transport.

Rinspeed UC is designed to be easily loaded on special rail transport cars for long trips. Now if a car owner wants to drive his car in other country then he has to just drive his car to nearest rail station. Afterwards sit in the restaurant car, while the train crosses a few countries. When destination will reach the drive is off to desired place.