Scientifical Forward Steps In Drug Detection

In the era of modern world game, illegal doping is common to enhance the game performance. So, to stop all of these illegal actions, Scientists at the University of Nottingham developed a new detection system that could test performance-enhancing drugs addiction by athletes.

This developed technique is called hydropyrolysis, which is commonly used to aid oil exploration by liberating small fragments of organic matter from petroleum rock sources. The modified process can recognize the origin of any carbon-based molecules. The carbon in the body’s molecules states the carbon ingested as part of an athlete’s diet.

Older techniques were unable to offer a precise detection method. The research of hydropyrolysis was financed by the Natural Environment Research Council. This new approach delicately strips molecules from their ‘sticky’ parts but retains the carbon skeleton intact, allowing easy detection of the carbon source.

The new detection system may help scientists to pinpoint banned substances in an athlete’s system, even the new steroid which specifically manufactured to avoid detection.