Growth Observed in Small Jewelry Wholesalers

The number of small jewelry wholesalers, consisting of lesser than five employees has increased by 65 percent over the previous two decades in the U.S. market. In contrast, the number of jewelry wholesalers consisting of 100 or more employees has increased by only 9 percent during the same period.

It is supposed that most of the small jewelry wholesalers are comparably new to the business. They may denote retail employees who were laid off from chain stores or they may denote employees who decided to build up their own company, after working for a jewelry wholesaler.

The large growth in the number of smaller jewelry wholesalers also emphasizes that this segment has less obstacles of entry. Moreover, there are thousands of very small jewelry manufacturers overseas, and those producers did not have the resources to sustain their own sales force. Due to this, wholesalers enter and serve as the sales force for those small manufacturers of custom jewelry. So, there is lasting strong demand for jewelry wholesalers in the U.S. market.

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