House Passes Bid To Promote Loans to Small-Busineses

The U.S. House has recently approved legislation to create a $30 billion fund to increase lending to small businesses through community banks. With this bill, small businesses will get more credit and they can fix their ground more firmly.

The House Small Business Committee Chairwoman said that entrepreneurs or small businesses used to rely on loans and credit cards to launch or expand their businesses two decades ago. But today start-up costs have gone up dramatically and it is very difficult to manage with those loans.

The House passed a bill combined with a $3.5 billion package of tax cuts for small businesses and is waiting for the approval from the Senate. The bill would also provide $1 billion for a new equity financing program for start-up firms. That fund will also include another $2 billion for state programs intended to leverage private bank lending to smaller firms.

The lending bill will combine with tax incentives passed earlier by the House. It also includes a proposal from President Barack Obama to eliminate capital-gains taxes on sales of certain stock by small businesses. The cost of both measures when combined is estimated to be $7 billion over 10 years.