The Difference between an Ailment and a Disease

Ailments and diseases both causes impairment to the body. They disturb the normal functioning of the body. But, unlike diseases the ailments are not serious. Some of the ailments will persist for a long time and they finally result in diseases. One should consult a doctor, if the ailment is not cured by medications, so that it will not result in much more impairment to the body.

Ailments are not the serious cases, they can be cured by home remedies or simple medications. Generally, people will not go to treatment centers or consult physicians for the ailments. But, whereas the diseases cannot be cured by the simple medications. One should consult the doctor for getting cured. Unless, the medications are taken according to the prescription, diseases cannot be cured.

Some of the ailments are headache, nasal congestion, cough and cold, stomach disorders, allergies, heartburn, migraine, acidity, constipation etc., Diseases are widespread.

They include both infectious and non-infectious diseases. Some of the infectious diseases are caused by infectious agents and they are transmitted. But where as the non infectious diseases are cancer, diabetes etc., Some of the diseases are infectious diseases, intestinal diseases, eye diseases, eating disorders, mental disorders etc., Some of the diseases stay for a long time, but the ailments will not be long lasting. Diseases are slightly dangerous when compared to the ailments. Both the diseases and the ailments are long lasting then serious damages to the body may occur.