How Does a Web-Server Work?

website monitoring serviceDifferent servers provide different types of services. Several types of applications like file transfer, e-mail, printing and communications etc. can be done by using the servers. Servers may vary depending on the factors like configuration and the software used. Modern servers are architecture with higher bandwidth rates as a result of it, more number of requests can be handled and the data transfer can be done across many servers.

Today almost every person is aware of the things like web browser, web sites and surfing. Which is enough for the average user who uses the Internet. But, some might not be familiar with the things on how to get their own website and how to manage the web server. So, now let us see the working of the server.

monitoring serviceTwo things are to be kept in mind when managing the hosting account. Generally, the first one will be the client or the customer. And the main thing is the server. For exchanging the data between the client and the server some of the steps are to be followed. First the client will open the browser and then types the URL which is needed by him/her. Suppose consider the url as the

Then the browser starts working by breaking the URL into three parts. The three parts are protocol (“http”), server name (“”), file name (“abc.html”).

Once the breaking of the URL is done with the browser, then the browser will change the server name into IP address and the browser is connected to the server machine using that IP address. The browser sends a GET request about the to the server by following the protocol. HTML text of the web page will be sent to the browser and then the HTML text will be read by the browser and the browser will format the web page and displays the file on the screen.