Marijuana’s Effects on Attention and Anxiety

There are many chemicals in Marijuana drug, they may be above 400 which effect the health adversely. THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the major chemical or ingredient in Marijuana drug. This is mainly psychoactive ingredient, means this alters the mind. According to the amount of the THC, the strength of the Marijuana will be guaged. Marijuana abuse can be found out through Marijuana drug test.

Using Marijuana effects sustained attention impairs coordination between the organs of the body. Users of Marijuana can feel difficulty in distinguishing between long and short periods of time at the time of tasks. Users of marijuana get some serious attention problems in their work. It may cause giddiness and user may feel sleepy, it will be a main problem in some actions like driving.

Marijuana causes disorders in the brain chemistry. After using Marijuana, users experience anxiety or panic behavior, and it reduces the capability of learning and it causes irrational behavior. It reduces the problem solving skills. Marijuana can change the user’s brain perception of the world and it increases the level of anxiety. It motivates the emotional behavior.

THC stimulates the brain to release a chemical called dopamine which is associated with pleasure and rewards. THC effects the many Cannabinoid receptors which control the pleasure, thought, concentration, memory, coordination, sensory perception and time perception.

THC effects the parts of brain, so it causes many adverse effects on brain and then changes come in behavior of the person and perception. Here the important thing is, it will reduce the capability of the brain, then it leads the worsening the user condition so it is better to avoid using marijuana.