Click Fraud Grew Up 18.6 percent In Q2 2010

Significant data is collected from Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising campaigns by the Click Forensics. It collects statistical data of both large and small advertisers across all leading search engines and compared shopping engines and social networks. In the data, the traffic across more than 300 ad networks is reflected.

Important statistics in data
Average click fraud rate is 18.6 which is up from the 17.4 percent in overall industry is reported for Q1 2010 and 12.7 percent rate was reported for Q2 2009.

The greatest volume of click fraud were Ukraine, Pakistan, Japan, Singapore and China are the countries outside North America with significant CPC traffic producers in Q2 2010.

Know about Click Forensics
Click Forensics is an industry leader in online ad verification and traffic quality improvement for the online advertising community. It gives audience verification and traffic quality management solutions for leading online search and display advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks. It also regularly publishes industry data on online advertising audience quality.

From 2006 onwards, Click Forensics has published online advertising industry data collected from the first independent third-party CPC and online advertising fraud detection service.