Safest Car for the Year 2010: IIHS

Insurance Institute For Highway Safety(IIHS) does the research for the safest cars every year. During the year 2010, 2011 Ford Fiesta was considered as the safest car according to the IIHS.

2011 Ford Fiesta is the first mini car which was declared as the safest among the cars since the introduction of a new roof strength test. Vehicles which were built after July 2010 were considered for the awards. Among the vehicles which had earned Institute’s top designation, Ford Fiesta is the eighth vehicle among the Ford Motor company vehicles.

The enhancements like high strength steels, Trinity front crash structure, Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement (SPACE) architecture, advanced airbag technologies are used for improving the performance of the vehicle in IIHS testing. The enhancements made in the energy absorbing body structure are used for maintaining the strength and the stiffness and are used for redirecting the crash forces.

Ford officials also said that, Ford Fiesta is the best example for providing world-class crash protection and thus it has obtained the Top safety Pick award. All the features like air bags, rigidity, standard stability control have improved the ranking.

Some of the Features of the safest car:
Apart from the stylish exterior, the car also has the robust structure which is designed with high strength steel for maintaining the safety of both passenger and the driver.

By the use of Ford’s new six speed Power shift automatic transmission, fuel efficiency of about 40 mpg can be obtained. The use of cold and hot formed high strength steel adds rigidity.

Generally, High strength or the ultra high strength steels are used for making the floor structure, front rails, beams even strong. Which means that more than 55% of the Fiesta’s body structure is made with the high strength steel. For protecting the occupants from the side impacts, the ultra-rigid steel is used.

Thus the minicar had earned ratings for the front, side, rollover and rear crash protection, as well as for providing the electronic stability control.