Small Businesses opting Credit Unions

Credit unions help small businesses by providing credit at reasonable rates. Small businesses are going for credit unions for loans as a result of banks having a tighter hold on credit. The banks are having very less businesses when compared with Credit Unions. If there is successful change in the law caps by Congress, 7,500 credit unions will make even more business loans. This would ultimately result in increase in finances for small businesses.

As per the Credit Union National Association(CUNA), the lending of loans by banks to small businesses dropped to 3.9 percent, but there was a hike of 11 percent to $36 billion in the credit union loans for the first and foremost time in nine months of 2009.

As per the credit union, the economic fall has given them a best chance to sway the lawmakers to increase the federal limit on their business loans. It would give unfair advantage to tax exempt credit unions, as per the banks.