What Made Toyota to Recall 1.13 million vehicles in August 2010

Auto Industry is one of the biggest markets in North America. Many companies apart from the local companies are striving hard for developing their markets. Toyota is one of the biggest auto maker in the world. But, recently its fame has tarnished because of many problems with the vehicles. So, Toyota started recalling the Vehicles for manufacturing them properly.

Recently in August 2010, 1.1 million corollas and Corolla Matrixes were recalled from U.S and Canada. These vehicles were recalled because of the problems related to engine control modules.

Now, let us consider the facts related to Toyota Recall

  • Toyota vehicles were recalled in August 2010 because of many problems related to electronic control modules. Because of this problem, the cracks along the solder points or on the whole car’s computer itself will be developed. According to the company officials, sometimes the engine will stall. When you are driving the vehicle, it might stop suddenly because of cracking at the solder points of the varistors which finally makes the engines to stall. In general, the check engine light or the harsh light will warn about engine stalling but they will not indicate compulsorily always.
  • According to Toyota, the vehicles which are affected with the problems related to electronic control modules are Corolla and Corolla Matrixes and the vehicles from the years 2005 to 2008 were recalled. But regarding this problem, the company still has not yet released the vehicle Identification numbers(VIN) which will face the problems.
  • The process of the recall will start from mid-september of 2010 and the letters will be dispatched to the owners of the vehicles. Till the replacement parts are not yet available. Another letter will be dispatched to the owners regarding the trip of the dealer, according to Toyota.
  • According to the officials of Toyota, repair for the vehicles will be done in 40 minutes and they also said that it is free.
  • About 11 million recalls were done from past November across the world whatever the problem may be.

These are some of the facts about recent Toyota recalls.