32 percent US small Business have plans to Hire in H2 2010

As per the Career Builder’s latest nationwide survey, small businesses will be hiring in the second half of 2010.

32% of companies less than 500 or 500 employees are planning to add new employees during July to December. The companies with less than 50 employees are planning to hire in the second half of 2010. According to the poll

  • 21 percent will hire full-time.
  • 11 percent will hire part-time.
  • 6 percent will hire contractors or temporary workers.

Important Findings of survey
New small businesses are emerging and serving as a primary or secondary source of income. 96% were reported to have started their small business last year, in addition to another job.

Around one-fourth of the workers who have been laid off in the past six months are planning to start a business instead of finding a new job, according to the survey.

Many people have started design companies, computer service companies, bakeries, cleaning companies, craft and antique businesses, event planning, e-commerce businesses, handyman services, freelance writing, HR consulting services and lawn service companies responding to the survey.

Scope of survey
In June 2010, the survey was completed and included more than 1,300 employers in businesses with 500 or less employees and more than 4,400 workers.