16% of fastest growing UK SMEs do not have websites

website monitoring serviceAccording to the new research from BT Business and Latitude, there is decrease in sales of websites of the UK’s fastest growing companies.

As per the analysis of the websites of the Real Business Hot 100 that tracks the country’s fastest-growing small firms by sales. It has been tracking since the past 4 years. It reveals that about 46.3 percent are shutting out potential customers because of the 404 error which results due to missing web pages.

site monitoringThough the websites are having a good sales track record, the detailed analysis of the business websites showed that about 84 percent of the Hot 100 companies had registered website. Many of the firms are just ignoring the opportunities of an effective web marketing.

As per the analysis, just 3.57 percent of these firms pulled in sales of £4.3bn and could enjoy the profits of £280m. They have a search engine optimized website which indicates that over 95 percent are closing doors to potential customers on Internet. As per the study, 9 out of 10 from Hot 100 did not have search engine optimization.