Small Businesses Prefer Online Hiring

Online talent marketplace released a new survey results on small business hiring practices. The survey included 500 participant customers across U.S. and included Elance’s small to medium-sized business customers.

The survey’s key results

  • 64% people prefer online hiring
  • 87% people expressed opinion it to be profitable and competitive

Survey findings:

  • Online hiring to outdo offline hiring: 86% have conducted hiring process online in the past twelve months. 32% have hired on site employees in the same period.
  • Online hiring will stay for long: Hybrid model of online hiring and traditional on site hiring will be used by 64% of businesses according to the improvement of economy.
  • Quality trumps cost in online hiring: The main factors that businesses consider while hiring online will be based on feedback from previous projects; work samples ranked second, with pay rate coming in third.

Advantages of Online Hiring

  • 87 % expressed online Hiring reduced cost expenditure in recruitment
  • process.
  • 27% opined that it is easy.
  • 66% of them were expressed that it works any time 24×7 and a person can be hired from anywhere, across the country.