Maruthi’ Sales Reached Highest, 1,00,000 in November 2010

Maruthi Suzuki, which is largest car maker in India reported car sales 1,00,000 vehicles for the fifth straight month of November, in 2010.

According to the officials of the Maruthi Suzuki India, sales increased 28.2 percent at 1,12,554 vehicles in the month of November, while compared to the 87,807 units in the same month in the last year. The growth in the small car segment, such as Alto, Swift, Zen and A-Star cars led the growth in sales. Sales were increased because of festive season, which runs from August to November, when people make biggest purchases.

As per the data given by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the total Indian car sales recorded as the 1,82,992 units in the month of October, which were caused by festive season and launching of new models.

Day by day the demand for car is increasing in India, so Maruthi Suzuki hopes that this growth will continue in future.