Honda Plans to Launch Diesel Car in India by 2012

Honda Siel cars India, which is Japan based Indian company has a plan to release the diesel car in India for the first time by 2012. This model car will be launched in European market at initial stages and later it has plan to launch it in the Indian market.

According to officials of the HSCI, this small diesel engine model will be launched by 2012 in European market. They are thinking that, such model will be brought with modifications to India after that.

HSCI will launch car with changed versions of the 2.0 Litre iDTEC diesel engine with 2000 cc in capacity and they will use this engine in Honda Jazz, Honda City and other cars which will be introduced in future by Honda. Presently, diesel engine in their CD-V and Accord models are provided by Honda.

Honda has only one type of engine which is a 2.2 Litre power plant and earlier it did not have any diesel variants in India.

This Honda’s diesel engine may get positive response from Indian customers with strong preference for diesel engine.