Decrease in Unemployment Rate as Small Business Hiring Goes Up: Survey Reports

According to a survey conducted by the Payroll firm, SurePayroll’s monthly Business Scorecard, small businesses showed moderate hiring gains, but with pay little changed. These findings were based on payroll data collected from same companies all across the country.

Continuing the same pace, July too showed the same 0.2% hiring growth in U.S small business. But the numbers differed regarding average payroll check, as there was a 0.6% decline in June and 0.1% in July. SurePayroll survey states that, year-to-date, the hiring in small business is up 4.1%, but payrolls are down by 0.4%.

When the overall growth and decline regarding hiring and payroll check was divided among the regions, each region showed the following percentages:

  • The hiring by small businesses is up the most in Midwest, at 4.5% and wages are up the most in West, rising 1.4%.
  • In this year, in South small businesses hiring is up by 4% and salaries are up by 0.3%.
  • According to the N.C.Employment Security Commission, unemployment rate in Charlotte metro area was 11.4% in June, which dropped to 11.2% in July. But the situation is opposite in Mecklenburg county, as jobless rate in June was 10.3%, while it is 10.4% in July.

But, according to separate report by business software provider, Intuit, in North Carolina. the number of jobs in small businesses, increased moderately by 0.4% in August , which was better than the National rate. According to new survey by Intuit, the National Rate was 0.1%, which equates to 1.2% annual growth rate.

Intuit Survey also reported that, the wages and hours worked, in the small companies nationwide, remain unchanged, with only marginal increase of 0.06% and 0.04%respectively.