Know About Golf Cart Heater

The golf cart heater is designed to provide heat in the cool climate conditions. There are a variety of golf cart heaters available. Small and mid sized heaters use propane for its functioning, while the larger, more expensive golf cart heaters are powered by the main electrical circuit of the golf cart.

The small heaters run with propane gas and can be placed any where on the dash board. Their body is made up of stainless steel as well as other metals and a plastic base portion. The smallest golf cart heater usually is priced between $40 and $60. The larger heaters distribute the heat evenly, are easy to install, constructed with high quality parts and they run on the power of golf cart. Electric golf cart heaters are of 48 and 36-volt types. There are separate golf cart seat warmers, plugged into the golf cart’s main electrical circuit. Generally, these will work with either 12, 36 or 48 volt carts and are made with mildew resistant, fade resistant fabric and comes with an on/off switch.

While buying an electric golf cart heater, the first thing that should be looked in to, is how it is mounted. The other things are the heat out put, a typical golf cart heater will produce around 3,000 BTUs (British thermal units).

By considering the above needs one has to buy an electric golf cart heater that offers more safety and more features at low costs.