Indian SMEs Involving in Cyberspace

Cyberspace is being used by many small businesses for marketing their products and services. The advantage of cyberspace marketing is that it is cost-effective. Large amount of capital is not required for starting up the process of cyberspace marketing. Much potential can be reached to the customers. When compared to other modes of marketing, cyberspace marketing helps in getting more global audience.

The importance of cyberspace is known by many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India. They are starting many blogs and are improving their knowledge on cyberspace from experts. There are about 30 lakh SMEs in India and when all of them turn to use cyberspace marketing, then there would be much potential growth of SMEs.

NASSCOM established a program for making the emerging IT companies know the need of cyberspace. According to a report made by Nasscom, many SMEs started blogs in India. Though the blogs were at initial stages, they were found to have high potential. A blog called Nasscom Emerge was started by it which targets more than 2 million software professional in India. The contribution of SMEs in Indian industrial sector was approximately 80%.

Nasscom reported that the blog has got more than 6,000 views per month. Building a product company, innovation, and talent management were some of the subjects discussed by the blog Nasscom Emerge. Another blog by Milagrow discussed issues related to retail, services, IT, manufacturing and other businesses of SMBs. It provided solutions for SMBs regarding creation and execution of the strategies of cyberspace marketing. A free service was provided by Milagrow to offer solutions for HR, business queries, and other industry related queries.