Importance of Marijuana Testing in Sports

There has been an increase in illegal drug consumption among sports people before competitions. Marijuana is also one of the illegal drugs used by them. Therefore, marijuana testing is conducted along with other drug tests to avoid usage of illegal drugs in sports.

Marijuana is an illicit drug which affects central nervous system. It causes euphoria, decreased anxiety and increases sociability. Sports persons consume marijuana in order to free themselves from social pressures and stress generated by competitions. Sedative properties of marijuana improve sleeping time and quality. So sportsmen consume marijuana for relaxing and improving sleep. Some people also use it for pleasure.

However, many other side effects are observed by marijuana use. It may also sometimes increase anxiety, panic disorders, paranoia and psychosis. Psychomotor and exercise performance, and other cognitive abilities of a person are affected by marijuana smoking. It also affects driving and piloting skills leading to dangers in automobile sports. Increase in hallucinations, alteration of perception, reduced concentration, and excessive fatigue in limbs are some of the side effects of excessive marijuana use. All these may decrease sports performance. So, it is better for the sports people to avoid the drug consumption.

Some people feel that marijuana is thought to help in enhancing performance in sports. However, it is not proved scientifically. Research is still going on to find the role of marijuana in improving sports quality.

In order to avoid health and social effects of marijuana, it is necessary for sports authorities to conduct marijuana testing. THC drug test is generally conducted for sportsmen to check the presence of THC and its metabolites in urine samples.