Maruti Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction List

Global marketing information services firm J.D Power has given highest rank to Maruti Suzuki, India’s top car manufacturer, among equal companies in customer satisfaction for 11 consecutive year.

Maruti Suzuki scored 849 points out of the 1000 in the customer satisfaction index, it is above 812 which are industry average points. According to the company, Maruti Suzuki succeeded well in providing the quality service, vehicle pickup, service facility and service initiation. Because of the above reasons, 40 points were improved in 2010 while compared to the previous year.

Maruti Suzuki is going to add nearly 1500 outlets to it’s current fleet of 2784 by 2015 in order to strengthen it’s service network. This very step of Maruthi proves its dedication and commitment towards service of customers. Due to more number of service outlets provided by Maruthi, customers find it easy to get their vehicle repaired at their own convenience and it saves time of customer.