‘All American’ Line of Solar Electric Low speed Vehicles Launched by Cruise Car

A line of solar electric cars were showcased by Cruise Car Inc. at Solar Power International 2010. ‘All American’ line consisting of 15 solar electric low speed vehicles (LSV) were introduced by the Cruise Car. These vehicles were engineered and manufactured at the United States by utilizing 50% of recycled or certified re-manufactured parts and materials. These were covered under a new vehicle warranty. Welded aluminum space frames using custom aluminum-alloy extrusions had been used for making the LSV vehicles.

The aim of Cruise Car is to provide high quality solar powered transportation. This would enhance the reduction of greenhouse gases significantly. The new line vehicles are reliable, efficient, have extensive driving range and are rust-resistant. The U.S. military is one of the biggest targets of the company and it provided about 30 LSV’s to the U.S. Navy in San Diego.

The ‘All American’ line of LSV are provided in order to meet the needs of individuals, businesses and government agencies that have the aim to reduce the waste and their carbon footprint. This is done by utilizing an efficient means of transportation in a low speed environment. These model of vehicles are considered to be the most efficient solar electric vehicles in the world. These vehicles can be purchased with or without solar. They could accommodate 2 to 14 passengers.

A rust-proof, all aluminum chassis is used for building the All American cruise cars, and it offered an unsurpassed legroom. Eco Trans Alliance, LLC, (ETA) is considered as an important industry leader that provides solar for the rapidly expanding global electric vehicles. It supplied the Sunray Solar Tops for the ‘All American’ line of solar low electric-low speed vehicles.

Cruise Car provides a full line of unique solar electric transport solutions for golf courses, college campuses, military bases, corporate parks, and planned communities.