Role of Cloves in Curing Toothaches

Cloves are the spices having a very hot and penetrating flavor. They are important ingredients in many of the delicacies world wide. Clove is considered as a traditional spice in most of the regions. It is found to have many medicinal benefits. It acts as a remedy for many digestive problems. It is found to have anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. It is an mild anesthetic too. Apart from the above benefits cloves are very famous for their applications in curing many dental problems.

Cloves are chewed directly as they are found to have pain relieving properties. Cloves when chewed are found to eliminate bacteria present in the mouth. This results in prevention of tooth decay and thereby tooth ache associated with the tooth decay. Prevention of tooth decay not only protects mouth organs from infections but also internal digestive systems, as it is through mouth we intake food and this leads to passing of infection along with food in to the digestive system.

The ability of cloves to prevent dental infections is due to the presence of clove oil present in them. This oil is known as Eugenol oil. The anti bacterial property of this oil kills the bacteria present in the mouth. The cloves are also helpful in treating gum related diseases such as swelling of gums and gum ache. Many of the medicines associated with dental treatments, such as root canal treatment, cavity fillings, etc, use clove oil as an essential ingredient. Clove oils are also used in tooth pastes, mouth washes, sore throat lozenges and gargles. Cloves are also found to prevent bad breath and used as breath fresheners. These are also helpful in curing sore throat.

These are the benefits associated with cloves in curing dental problems.