No Electronic Defects in Toyota Vehicles Says NASA Report

An investigation was conducted regarding the issue of electronic defects in the Toyota and Lexus vehicles by the NASA with 30 full time and part time workers of the space agency, on being commissioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in regard with the complaints made by thousands of owners because of the sudden accelerations causing deaths of many people. This investigation reports that there are no defects in the Toyota vehicles. The study was started in March in the wake of three congressional investigations.

Over 18 months, the sales of Toyota and its reputation have been effected badly because of the electronic problems, reliability and safety of its products. It involved its own engineering firm to resolve the issue about one year ago and found that there are no defects, even the NASA reports also supports the same. This conclusion could be a major victory for the company.

Although the reports said that there are no electronic problems in the vehicles of Toyota, the sales are falling and the competitors like Ford and Chevrolet are outselling Toyotas for the first time and the Toyota is losing loyal customers.

Toyota’s share of the U.S. auto market fell to 15.2% in 2010, from 17% in 2009 and it was the only company to see decrease in sales, because of the recall made by the company for millions of vehicles, and the record payment of nearly $50 million in federal fines for failing to promptly inform regulators of defects in its vehicles and delaying recalls.

The company is also trying to improve its sales by conducting a new advertising campaign, and it is also planning to introduce seven new or refreshed vehicles during 2011, including the new Prius V station wagon.