Understanding Drugged Driving and Its Consequences

There are many dangers associated with the drugged driving. The main principle concerning the drugged driving is that driving under the influence of any drug that acts on the brain, it could show effect on the motor driving skills, reaction time, and judgment of the individuals who have abused drugs. Drugged driving now is a public health issue as it not only puts the driver at risk but it also puts passengers and others who share the road under the risk as accidents may occur. Effects of the different drugs during driving depends on the mechanism of the drug action, amount consumed, the history of the user, and other factors.

One other reason for increasing drugged driving is that there are limitations for the alcohol use while driving, but there is no legal limitations for the drugged driving and also there are no sufficient technology for determining the drug levels. Determining drug levels in the body is also difficult because some drugs linger in the body for a period of days or weeks after initial ingestion.

Consequences of the Drugged Driving:
First and the most important organ of the body effected due to drugs is the human brain, they can alter the perception, cognition, attention, balance, coordination, reaction time which are essential for safety driving.

  • When the THC levels in the blood increased, behavioral and cognitive skills related to driving performance were impaired.
  • Evidence from studies of both real and simulated driving indicates that marijuana can negatively affect a driver’s attentiveness, perception of time and speed.
  • Research shows that impairment of the functions of the brain increases significantly when marijuana use is combined with alcohol.
  • Marijuana when present in the blood of the driver, the driver is much more likely to be at fault for the accident.
  • Many prescription drugs also acts on the functioning of the brain during driving which results in impairment of the driving skills. Many prescription medicines comes with warnings against the operation of machinery at the work place or motor driving for a specified period of time after use.