Women in US are Frequent Abusers of Heroin

Heroin abusing has been serious among the teens particularly in developed countries like America. And again among the teens and adults, the number of women abusers are becoming more, creating a threat to the future generations. Most particularly in the wealthy suburbs the problem is even worse. In many a cases women drug abuse has often been ignored, but that issue had become a major problem these days.

According to the new study released by the Illinois consortium on Drug Policy, there is a drastic increase in the usage of Heroin especially among the women in US. The percentage of overall deaths caused due to Heroin abuse dropped by 16% from 2000. But astonishingly, the percentage of deaths caused due to Heroin abuse among US women, aged under 35 has increased by 40%. This percentage shows how US women are abusing Heroin irrespective of its harmful effects. The death rate also shows that women at very small ages who are below 35 years are facing death. This tells how the Heroin quickly attacks the women.

Many researches have shown that women get effected by drug abuse, more faster and more worse when compared to men. This is because of the sensitiveness that women posses towards harmful things. Every women has to be aware of the fact that her body has to give birth to another creation at any point of time in her life. Giving birth to an abnormal kid doesn’t make any sense because they are spoiling the life of that baby along with their life. Drug addiction will definitely lead to such adverse effects and some times may lead to death. So, please save your life as well as the future generation.