US Auto Production is Seen Rising in the Month of July

US auto production has slightly increased for the month of July compared to June. The auto manufacturers are recovering their past time losses due to this increase. In the month of June, the fuel prices and non fuel prices were increased which resulted in the drop in the production capacity, but now they are doing well as it is reported that the auto sales for July month was increased to 9%.

Few recent surveys have reported that all the auto production companies are utilizing their capacity to the maximum extent. According to the federal reserve survey, the production climbed to 0.9%, they are utilizing 77.5% of their capacity in production process and they are utilizing their resources to the maximum.

According to another economic survey, the auto production increased up to 0.6% from the month of June and the companies are utilizing their capacity up to 77.0% in production.

July auto production rose 0.6%, led by rebound of their production process due to March tsunami in Japan that reduced the production growth and effected the supply chain process in US. Now the US production has recovered its speed with the country assembling as many vehicles as 8.73 million in July which is more than June(7.89 million).