Opportunities in Cloud Computing

Experts says that there is a need to accelerate the citizen services if there is a right regulatory work. There is a growth in penetration of information system and relevance of cloud computing for exclusive growth in the world.

The cloud computing refers to the use of multiple server based computing resource through digital network. In this the application is managed by the cloud servers and the data is also stored in the cloud configuration. There are many benefits of cloud computing as the user does not need to download and install the application on their own devices.

The data and processing and storage maintenance is done by the cloud server. This cloud technology will be offered by the private organization. It will be operated on the pay per use model and it helps the companies to reduce cost and heavy machinery.

There are many industries where the cloud computing can be used such as healthcare, where the national depository records can be created and the hospitals can access the health data through authentication. Experts tell that there is a need for a service level definition of cloud based services.