Common Technologies Involved in Factory Automation

The factory automation based on the applications of system involves various technologies. New technologies involve robotic system, machine vision system, programmable logic control system, manufacturing executive system etc.

Now factory automation involved with the robotic system is playing main role in the manufacturing and it controls the human interference. Automation integrates logic, power, information technology and process into one direction. It is also applied in the factory use of machine vision system.

Programmable logic control systems are part of automation systems, it control all types of machine systems, paper system and pumping systems. Some important functions performed with the help of automation includes resource allocation, operation scheduling, status and labor management, process management, quality management and performance analysis. Now a days the performance of every organization is based on their effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness means the ability to improve each and every thing that can contribute to the organization and efficiency means the ratio of output and input in any process.

Now a days many organizations are depending upon the machinery for their regular processes. The automation technology is bringing drastic changes in the operational processes.